Wye Level Crossing

iPhone app now available! All profits to local charities.

How does the app work?

The app uses train movement data from Realtime Trains to work out when the level crossing will be closed (assuming the gates are shut from 2 minutes before until 12 seconds after each passing train).

Why is the crossing closed when the app says it should be open?

Sometimes train data is inaccurate, especially when there are significant delays on the network. You can try checking RealtimeTrains to see if they have any more information.

What's a short opening?

Sometimes there's just enough time between trains for a brief opening (less than 2 minutes) to allow at least some of the cars in the queue to cross. These openings are unpredictable, but if you make it to the crossing at just the right time you might get lucky!

Do you collect any personal information?

No - please see our privacy notice for more details.

I've got a question/comment or need support, how can I get in touch?

Just email me at info@wyelevelcrossing.uk.

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